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There are few moments in our lives that we are impacted by a truly historic global event. An event that stops us in our tracks and makes us re-evaluate those things that matter most to us. 

For many of us, the global Coronavirus pandemic has done just that. We were afforded a rare moment in time to re-align our focus to what we now realise matters most: health, family, love, community, and above all having HOPE.

In the face of adversity, we were faced with a choice. To hide away and hope for the best. Or dig deep within ourselves to make a choice to adapt and respond. To ask for help from our community, knowing that by standing together we could achieve so much more than if we went it alone. 

Thanks to YOU Bloomhill is still alive today. You answered our calls for help. Thanks to YOU, compassionate cancer care and support was not put on hold for those in need. Thanks to YOU we remained 100% focused on our Mission to care for those most vulnerable in our community.

Thanks to YOU, we have also renewed our pledge to serve our community. And thanks to YOU, we have now started to breathe life back into our Centre - reuniting our clients face to face with their healthcare team. 


You stood by us in an environment of heightened uncertainty and vulnerability caused by social isolation and financial crisis - to serve our community in their time of need.

This is the Bloomhill Family way. YOUR Bloomhill way. THANK YOU. 

We must not be complacent – there is much work still to be done

Bloomhill was established BY the community FOR the community 22 years ago.

TOGETHER we vowed to serve a need in our community to provide free or low-cost compassionate care and support for people with cancer and their families and carer’s. This need remains stronger than ever in the wake of COVID-19. 

And TOGETHER we must now plan and prepare for what WE KNOW lies ahead.
  • WE KNOW that people living on the Sunshine Coast have a 1 in 2.4 chance of being diagnosed with cancer by the age of 80. And that this figure continues to grow each year – as does the need for our services.
  • WE KNOW that cancer remains in the top 3 diagnoses for hospitalization on the Sunshine Coast. And that cancer is the leading cause of premature death by a long way.
  • WE KNOW cancer treatment and medications are EXPENSIVE, placing incredible pressure on individuals and families to choose between their finances and their health.
  • WE KNOW that medical treatment is just a fraction of the journey and that surviving or living with cancer is when the real work starts.
  • And WE KNOW that to live your best life with cancer you will need ongoing professional care and support from people who will treat you holistically – not just by your cancer symptoms.  
TOGETHER we must also plan for WHAT WE DON’T KNOW lies ahead.
  • WE DON’T KNOW the TRUE impact of the pandemic on our cancer patient community. We are watching national and international trends and anticipate increased demand for our services due to disruption to cancer diagnosis and treatment caused by coronavirus lock downs.
  • We ANTICIPATE more people will need bereavement support for those whose loved ones have been lost in the most unimaginable of circumstances. In isolation.
  • We ANTICIPATE, as the full economic impact of the pandemic hits those most vulnerable in our community, that now more than ever our community health services will be needed by our community as more people become financially distressed.  
We must REGROUP, REBUILD and REIMAGINE a more sustainable future for Bloomhill

I keep asking myself, how do we do this in the wake of what for many of us has been the most historic and challenging moment in our lifetimes? When, for Bloomhill, much of our fundraising and social enterprise income is no longer certain?

As I, along with my Board and Senior Management Team regroup in the wake of COVID-19, it is clear to me that something must change. We can't keep planning to survive. We must plan to THRIVE. This means as we rebuild, we must also reimagine a new more prosperous future for YOUR Bloomhill.

We must critically review how we do business. And how we engage with you - our Bloomhill community. TOGETHER we must ensure we can continue to meet the emerging cancer care needs of our community. TOGETHER we must INVEST in sustainable long-term growth of YOUR Bloomhill to serve people like you, your family or your loved ones when you need us most.

WHY? Because a 1 in 2.4 chance of being diagnosed with cancer is the confronting reality that faces us all. Me, you, your partner, your children, your neighbors and your friends. Cancer does not discriminate by age, gender or creed. And it impacts us all. 

I invite you to make history with us

THIS FRIDAY June 19, Be There For Bloomhill Giving Day, I invite you to take a stand and be part of an historic moment in charting a new prosperous course for YOUR community-health charity.

THIS FRIDAY we will start to build a new community of donors who, just like you, will pledge their support to give not just once. But who will stick with Your Bloomhill month in and month out - year in and year out - faithfully fighting to provide HOPE for people living with cancer, whatever comes our way.

A community of givers so generous and constant that Your Bloomhill not only survives each financial year but can plan and invest in growth to meet the emerging cancer care needs of the Sunshine Coast community - now and for generations to come.

A community of givers who understand that by pledging their support, we can save valuable time and money chasing every single dollar, and redirect our energy and focus where it is needed most – on providing cancer care and support for those most in need.  

We are calling it THE CHRYSALIS.

I invite you to be a part of this historic moment in time. To join us to build the largest community of passionate and determined monthly givers YOUR Bloomhill has ever seen - united by our desire to transform the lives of people with cancer - for the better.  

Your monthly pledge will bring comfort and joy to those in need

One of the greatest needs of people living with, surviving, or bereaved by cancer - is knowing that during and beyond treatment there will be care and support ongoing for not only themselves but their families and carer's. And that there will always be HOPE.  

The Chrysalis will do exactly this. It will provide Hope in Action. Every day. Every Month. Every Year on Year. From now until we can celebrate that utopian day we are all waiting for - when a cure for all cancers is found.

You and I subscribe financially to things all the time. Magazines, phones, newspapers, internet, movies and music. All of this is to benefit ourselves. BUT THE CHRYSALIS IS DIFFERENT. It is a monthly pledge that will BENEFIT THE LIVES OF OTHERS. 

A monthly pledge that will bring joy and comfort to those in need – when they need it most. 

Monthly giving is the easiest and most effective way for you to support our work. And it doesn't take a big monthly gift to make an impact with us.

It costs Bloomhill $50 dollars per month to gift someone FREE cancer care and support for an entire year at YOUR Bloomhill. For less than the cost of a coffee a week, YOU can play a critical role in building a steady and reliable income stream that we can count on - whatever comes our way.

Some of you can give this every month. Some of you can give more. Some of you less.

Whatever you give, I personally guarantee 100% of your donation will go directly towards breaking down barriers to accessing cancer treatment, care and support for those who need it most.  

On JUNE 19 ONLY your gift will have FOUR TIMES the impact!

I know there will be people who say this can't be done. That now is not the time to be asking for donations in the wake of COVID-19. But I challenge this way of thinking. If there was ever a time to reimagine a future of Bloomhill. It is right here. Right now.

In a time when we are so very conscious of what matters most - and when we can choose to give to make an impact in the lives of others not just ourselves.

Thanks to an amazing and very generous donor couple EVERY new monthly giving pledge made on June 19 will be QUADRUPLED. This means $20 = $80, $40 = 160, $50 = 200 and so on.  


So, on June 19, YOUR monthly donation will have FOUR TIMES the life-changing impact on someone living with or beyond cancer. 

This is unlike anything we have ever done before. And we know we are setting the bar incredibly high. But I know that with you by our side – we can regroup, rebuild and reimagine a new sustainable future for Bloomhill to THRIVE not just SURVIVE in the wake of COVID-19.

I invite you to join ME in pledging your support. TOGETHER we can transform lives of people living with cancer - now and for generations to come.

Nothing is more precious than that. 

Chris Franck
Chief Executive Officer 


P.S. Do you want more from your giving? More impact? More convenience? Start giving monthly and join THE CHRYSALIS today.

P.P.S. Don't forget if you donate on June 19, YOUR GIFT will go four times as far. You can go directly online to www.bloomhill.com.au/the-chrysalis on June 19 to join us in making history. Thank you joining THE CHRYSALIS!

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